Fille Mutoni On Why She Is Rarely Social Media Active.

Musician Fille Mutoni has been of recent dead silent on her social media handles, rarely posting and rarely active.

This seemed to have worried her fans forcing several of them to slip into her DMs begging her to be active, post like Spice Diana, go live and engage in other social media luxuries.

However Fille revealed that her silence is deliberate and she does not want to be absorbed into what she called the 'social media pandemic' or get addicted and involved in virtual scandals.

"I see all you ur messages asking me to post more or be more active on social media but it has been a deliberate decision of mine to not get lost in the social media ‘pandemic because I was told it is very very very addictive." she explained.

"I hope you understand my reasons my Fiescos(you who have been asking me to post more, go LIVE, and share more, Thank you for understanding." she added.

She recently broke up with her long time lover, MC Kats over infidelity. 

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