• Khinamura

Frank Gashumba Sides With Bad Black In Her War With The Government.

Social media commentator, Frank Gashumba has backed Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black in her demand for the government to pay her. Bad Black has threatened to sue government over its failure to pay her for the COVID-19 advert she did for the Ministry Of Health urging prostitutes to refrain from approaching truck drivers to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The father of celebrated socialite, Sheilah Gashumba has threatened to team up with Bad Black and mobilize prostitutes against the government should it fail to bow down to Shanita’s demands of Uganda Shillings 500 Million and food. Frank maintains that Bad Black did a good job that is worth paying for. ‘Bad Black should be paid and I will be supporting her if she decides to protest. She did a good job. She sensitized the prostitutes.’ He said. However, the Ministry Of Health says Bad Black did the advert for free which contradicts Shanitah’s allegations that the only advert she did for free was for face masks.

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