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Frank Gashumba Suffers Secondary Infertility - Jenkins.

Last week, socialite Sheila Gashumba attacked her former bosses at NTV when she revealed the dirty side of the station. She publicly announced that she resigned from NTV because she was paid peanuts. 

Many critics have been attacking the former NTV THE BEAT presenter labeling her ungrateful the fact that she is even not educated. Dembe FM’s Ssendi, Kasuku and Jenkins attacked Sheilah, branded her greedy and lazy.

Sheilah And Dad

As always Sheila Gashumba’s father joined the conversation and defended her young daughter. 

Frank Gashumba attacked and insulted Jenkins and Ssendi and branded them old animals that are jealous of her daughter’s achievements.

 While appearing on Spark TV, Jenkins told off Gashumba to treat his secondary infertility and be able to give birth to another child.

Her only daughter Sheilah Gashumba is a brat; she can’t be changed at the moment. 

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