Frank Gashumba War With Kattikiro Mayiga Intensifies, Gasumba Fires Back.

The bitter war between social media commentator, Frank Gashumba and the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Chares Peter Mayiga continues to rage on even in the COVID-19 crisis.

After being given a couple of days to apologise to the Kattikiro for uttering expletives, Gashumba’s rage has been further enticed after the capture of events promoter, Abbey Musinguzi, well known as Abitex.

Gashumba lashed at Mr. Mayiga that with all the money collected from etofaali and the government, he still has failed as far as the completion of Buganda Royal Tombs are concerned, hinting that the prime minister is corrupt.

“By the time Mayiga leaves that office, he will have failed the Kabaka and Buganda in many areas. For me, in Buganda, it’s only the king (Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II) I cannot scrutinize. He is the only genuine person in that government.”  Said Sheila Gashumba’s father.

The C.E.O of Sisimuka Uganda has of recent days been swallowed by his bitter conflict with Charles. Frank has accused Peter of incompetence and corruption with the Prime Minister firing back.

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