Fresh Twist In MUBS Rape Saga, Accused Girl Speaks Out.

Thelma Garim

Thelma Garim a MUBS student who has been accused of raping fellow student and infecting him with HIV has responded to the rape accusations. In a voice note recorded by Thelma to respond to the allegations where a one Ronan Akantorana accuses her of raping him while he was unconscious at her place, Thelma has defended herself saying that both herself and Ronan were drunk and this resulted into sex. She also said she is HIV Negative and adds that she only told Ronan of her alleged sickness because she was angry at him. "He has no right to say I raped him,  we both got drunk and we had sex,  he is lying,  I didn't tape him,  we both got drunk because we took a whole bottle of UG,  I don't know why he's saying all of that but he will surely regret it. " Theima said. "II even told him afterwards that am not sick,  I only told him I was sick because I was pissed at him." she further adds. Recently, Ronan accused Theima of taping and infecting her with HIV/AIDS. Theima however threatened to report him of rape since he had come to her place unbidden.

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