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General Kasirye Ggwanga Pens Down Final Will As He Battles For His Life.

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga is at the moment fighting for his life after being admitted in critical condition at Nakasero Hospital after his health failed him.

Kasirye Gwanga

Prior to his admittance to hospital, the general had already lost hope of living and had penned down his final will.

The General emphasized seven key points that must strictly be followed after his demise.

The first point, he ordered his body to be cremated and ashes should be kept in the Uganda Museum.

He secondly asserted that Camp David Farm must be given to the army.

He pointed out, in his third point that he gave his children excellent education and they have everything they need. None of them should therefore take any of his property.

The hopeless General also relinquishes his money in the bank to his several concubines in his will.  His daughter has the list of the said concubines.

He gives all his other properties to his dear wife.

General Kasirye relinquishes his bush war uniform to first son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In his last wish, he wills that President Museveni, also Commander In Chief of the UPDF must salute his body before cremation.

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