Geosteady Dumps Prima Kadarshi, Storms Her House And Destroys Property. 

Celebrated 'power couple' Geosteady and Prima Kadarshi may be no more after latest news reveal how the musician dumped his longtime baby mama, Prima due to yet to be identified reasons.

It has been reported that Geosteady chased Prima out of his house a few days ago. His reasons, as explained by Prima were due to a desire for some peace of mind.

"Geosteady you told me you wanted peace of mind, I shifted and gave you peace." Prima wrote.

He however seemed to regret and instead took his anger to her house where he destroyed property worth millions of dime.

A heartbroken Prima Kadarshi, who has been at all costs been avoiding a public scandal took to social media to lament how the RnB star has turned all violent to the extent of destroying her property.

"You came to my house, broke the door and spoilt every thing. What have i done to deserve this???????? Why are you so bitter?"

Prima further lamented how she has been good to him for all the time they have been together. She still wonders why the musician is restless like a wounded hound.

"I have been good, taken care of my children and focused. I have stayed out of media despite anything. Why?? Prima broke down in a Facebook post.

The two love birds have been together for long, but on and off. She earlier had accused Geosteady of sleeping with city slay queens but she maintaned he cool.

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