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GNL Zamba Labels Gravity Omuttujju An 'Empty Tin' As Social Media War Rages.

Reknown luga flow rappers, GNL Zamba and Gravity Omuttujju are currently exchanging gun fire on social media with GNL calling the other an empty tin.

It kicked off when GNL took to his socials and fired expletives at Gravity Omuttujju. He accused Gravity of not crediting fallen musicians for their work in his songs.

He cited the example of  Gravity's 'Walumbe Zaaya' which was sampled from Job Kafeero (R.I.P)'s Walumbe Zaaya. Although the rapper knew where he had sampled, GNL says that no credit was given to the fallen vocalist whatsoever.

GNL Zamba concluded saying that it is the likes of Gravity that are pulling the Ugandan music industry down.

"When I wrote Ani Yali Amanyi verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly Wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hip-hop. It brought success and introduced Hip-hop to more masses. 4 years after I had shown that the formulae worked, EMPTY TIN also got inspired and made Walumbe Zaya sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I give credit. Does Empty tin give credit to anyone that is why ka industry Kaffe tekakula," he said.

In response Gravity Omuttujju wondered if GNL was sober when he was attacking him.  He wondered if the rapper is 'deaf' when it comes to him crediting his songs. Gravity insisted that he credits his songs only that GNL can not hear the credits.

"I heard u say when you sampled elly wamala’s (R.I.P)ani yali amannyi? U credited him on the song and when I sampled Paul Kafero’s R.I.P) WALUMBE ZAYA (a classic) I never credited him ..Were u sober posting this ? is it fear that takes over u whenever u listen to the masterpiece or is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so u don’t hear ma credits?”  he fired back.

The two are celebrated and talented Ugandan rappers (luga flow).

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