GNL Zamba Speaks Out On Splitting With Mzungu Wife. 

Following reports that legendary rapper, GNL Zamba's marriage with his white girlfriend, Tamar was hitting rocks, the rapper has spoken out.

GNL Zamba refuted the allegations that he and his wife were disagreeing on several issues including whether they could stay in the States or Uganda in the future.

He said that there is nothing like that ongoing.

This was further proved when he recently shared several photos of himself and his wife, happy and captioned them.

"So many reasons to feel down right now. And those are also all good reasons to stop and take a break- find an escape for some #selfcare! Whatever that may be- a walk outside, a bubble bath, a good not serious movie, baking some buttery treats...just something different. Take care of yourselves & each other. "

He also said that he is working on a project (nsimbi music infinity) with his wife, something that hunted on their good terms.


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