Go And Battle With Lil Pazo, Chameleon Tells Off Clever J.

Legendary artiste Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has responded to Clever J's request for a music battle, tells him to go and battle with Mil Pazo.

Reports indicate that the 'baliwa' singer was puzzled by the fact that what seemed to have been a successful meeting and an agreement of them to collaborate with Clever J did not was meaningless to the 'manzi wa nani' singer who is now asking for a battle.

Therefore, in response to the request, he told him to look for artistes like the likes of Lil Pazo.

"Our agreement with me and Clever J was to first work on our relationship as brothers and fellow artistes which was even good to the oublic considering the previous sagas netween me and him. Actually, it was my idea for us to do a collabo but if he wants a battle instead, let him first try Lil Pazo 'Lunabe', Chameleon said.

However, Lil Pazo heard the news and fumes at the legendary singer Jose Chameleon, told him to apologize in a space of ten days.

"I am not happy with you and won't forgive you for this until you apologize to me in ten days," Pazo told Chameleon.

It should be remembered that renown journalist known as SB4 revealed that Clever J is not ready to do a collaboration with Jose Chameleon, instead wants a battle.

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