God Is Angry With Us, We Have To Repent, Pastor Bugingo Announces 29 Days Of Fasting And Repentance.

Renown House Of Prayer Ministries Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, together with his new wife Susan Makula and his whole church goers are going to spend 29 days fasting and repenting on behalf of the whole world following corona virus threat which is affecting the whole world.

Speaking on Salt FM, Pastor Bugingo said that he is willing to go on a hunger strike in order to save our country Uganda and the whole world at large.

He added that whoever everyone is welcome to join him and the rest of the church is in order to save the world through constant prayer starting tomorrow 22nd March 2020.

"We shall have 29 days of praying and fasting, this is a time to repent because God might be Andy with the whole world, whoever wants to join us, we are starting on Sunday. "

Bugingo also condemned Pastors who came out to ask people for offertory / tithe through mobile money the fact church gatherings where canceled by the President due to COVID 19 scare.

"God does not need your offerings, all he needs is for the people to give their hearts to him, " he said.


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