God's Plan Goes Broke,  Forced To Sell Off Property. 

Marcus Lwanga alias God's Plan has been forced to sell off some of his property as his financial standing continues to go downhill, snoops close to the socialite have revealed.

The sports enthusiast purchased a multi million mansion near the shores of Lake Victoria soon after his influx into the country sometime back before he became well known. He went on to become a well known big spender around town.

He however tasted fame when he snatched Sheilah Gashumba from musician. Fik Fameika and even then continued to spend big on parties and outings with the petite digital influencer. Still, the source of his income remained in the dark.

However, it now appears that Marcus is losing it financially since he has already put up his Entebbe based mansion for sale where he hopes to get enough money to sustain his ostentatious lifestyle.

It should be remembered that God's Plan has already landed a mega deal with NBS where he will be a full time employee. However, his girlfriend, Sheilah welcomed the idea despite her claims that the media pays oea nuts for salary.

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