God's Plan Vows To Bring Tina Fierce On Her Knees.

'Former Arsenal Player' Marcus Lwanga alias God's Plan, who is a well known lover to socialite Sheilah Gashumba has vowed to humble Urban TV's Tina Fierce.

Of recent, Sheilah Gashumba has been choking Tina Fierce on accusations of defamation through her show, Sqoop on Sqoop on Urban Television. Sheilah demanded that Tina apologizes. However. Tina remained adamant and called Sheilah a cry baby. Sheilah and God's Plan have since hired a team of lawyers to file a law suit demanding a sum of 400 Millions. Gods Plan seems bent on bringing Tina on her knees as he has revealed how he has set aside money to see that Sheilah is given 'Justice' "It took me years to reach to this decision, I put aside money and lined up the best lawyers for this suit. I will say that Tina Fierce will not move freely before she apologizes. I am here to stay and will fight for Sheilah," he tweeted.  Sheilah has been heaping  praise on God's Plan at one time saying that he is a former Arsenal Player.

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