God Warned Me About Corona Virus In 2019, Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

Zoe ministries Prophet Elvis Mbonye has today revealed that God had earlier warned him about Corona Virus in 2019 but he was afraid that people would not believe him..

"One of the prophecies I got, is one that we are facing right now, I got that there would come a virus from China that would affect the whole world, " he said.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Prophet said that he had actually got a prophetic revelation from God about the deadly virus in January but did nit want to tell brethren because they would doubt him.

" It was one of the prophecies I saw in January and I thought to my self, wont followers think that there are many mire viruses and doubt me, " he added.

It should be noted that several Ugandans have been attacking religious leaders who have always pretended to be performing miracles and prophecy yet they don't seem to have done anything at this time when the world is suffering with the terrible disease of COVID 19.

Watch video below;

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