God Will Judge Them; Irene Ntale Exposes Swangz Avenue’s Dirty Secrets. 

Former Big Music Label Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale has finally come out to reveal more dirty secrets about her former bosses.

While speaking in an interview on a local Radio station, the singer categorically revealed that her former bosses sins were left for God to Judge. “ While at Swangz, we did so much good and of course bad things that didn’t go down well but I have always concentrated on the good ones. But when I recall when they selfishly took over my social media accounts, I just feel like one day God will judge them because I moved on past that” Irene Stated. When she was pressed hard to explain how her social media pages were taken over by Swangz especially Julius Kyazze, Irene explained. “ Before I joined the music label, I had my facebook page where I used to push my music from. After Joining, I decided to give rights of administration to Julius and rest. So time came in to say goodbye, I tried deleting Julius and rest among my Facebook page administrators and that is when I realized they had already deleted me unknowingly. Well, it was my idea in the first place to keep my page despite them wanting to create a new one. All in all, I moved on and left all to God” She concluded.

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