Gorgeous Guitarist Nshuti In Terrible Accident.

Gorgeous singer and guitarist Nshuti Mbabazi didn’t celebrate her Valentines day well as she was involved in a nasty accident when her car overturned three times while on the road in Makyindye, a Kampala suburb. The talented guitarist who won over hearts of music lovers by doing social media covers almost joined her ancestors by cheating death with a whisker after losing control of her baby pajero thereby overturning several times. Nshuti who was almost reaching home from a studio session survived with minor body injuries and trauma as good Samaritans saved her life. She shared the sad news on her news feed on social media. She posted and said.

"Dreadful overturn of the baby pajero this evening as I was reaching home from studio.Fortunately I have got minor injuries that are causing headache. Thanks to God for his mercy, thanking the rescue team. The trauma though is disturbing. Goodnight family." Nshuti S Mbabazi.

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