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Grace Khan Goes Emotional As Ex Lover, Kojja Kitonsa Celebrates Birthday.

After a break up, most women regard their exes as pieces of trash and even stop talking to them, but not celebrated musician, Grace Khan.

Re known traditional herbalist, Kojja Kitonsa recently celebrated his birthday and fans were amazed how Grace Khan decided to join his fans in wishing him a happy birthday, although her approach was exquisite.

Despite Kitonsa shattering her heart, Grace Khan hailed her ex lover and former manager as a Father, advisor, brother amongst other endearing titles.

"The most heartfelt birthday wishes goes to the man who decided to become Father,,advisor brother ,and Afriend too @Kojjakitonsa thank you for all the support you used to put in my music, you iwill always appreciate you my dear! 😍be blessed Mukulu 🙏 Your Pure heart and the advises you gave me have worked for me munange !! Godbless you on your Birthday Enjoy your day papa 👑💪#HappyBirthdayKojja.­" she wrote on her social media platforms.

The two dated for brief period untill Kojja ditched her and took on another city babe.

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