Gravity Omutujju Labels Navio 'A White Cow'. 

Uganda's Hip Hop kings are currently engrossed in a fierce social media war with things getting as far as rapper Gravity Omuttujju labeling fellow musician, Navio a "white cow."

It all started when GNL Zamba lashed at Gravity and blamed him for hindering the music industry's growth since he doesn't credit his songs.

Gravity fired back and advised Zamba to stop taking alcohol so he can be sober enough to realise that he credits his songs.

Things had started getting ugly when legendary musician, Navio intervened and begged Gravity to respect music legends in Uganda since he (Gravity) is new to the industry.

The advice seemed not to go well with the Walumbe Zaaya rapper. He therefore took to his social media handles and labeled Navio a white cow and GNL " a pig pig."

"White cow (Navio) and madam Zamba (pig pig) Banyabo temunsobola. I am the king of Ugandan Hip Hop.Believe it or not." Gravity posted.

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