"He Is Not Sick", Bad Black Spills Bryan White's Secrets.

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black has stung ailing money bags, Brian Kirumira a.k.a Bryan White accusing him of faking his sickness.

Mama Jona reportedly visited the ailing socialite after which she shed rivers of tears and even called upon Bryan White's friends to help him out at the time he needs them most prayer wise. Bad Black further made an appeal to President Museveni to allow the Bryan White Foundation CEO to go abroad for specialized medical treatment. However, Bad Black's tears appear to have dried up when she made a U-Turn saying that the money bags is not sick at all as many know. Instead, he is battling acute brokenness, a dry wallet, depression and shock of having found himself kicked in the ass from State house where he reportedly bags his dimes from. She also revealed how digital influencer, Frank Gashumba also tipped her on how the socialite's sickness is faked.

Bryan White, through his houseboy however fired back saying that Bad Black mis understood the whole thing and he will try to correct her, as a school teacher would correct his wayward student. "If he were broke, he has slot of property to sell but his not broke." Bryan White's houseboy fired back.

He further asserted that Bryan is still waiting for his results from abroad.


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