"He Supported Me On My Music Journey",  Eddy Kenzo Pledges To Support Bobi Wine With A 'But.'

Eddy Kenzo has pledged his support to Presidential hopeful and musician, H.E Bobi Wine but 'in his 'own way'

While speaking in a live video on social media, Eddy Kenzo revealed how he is ready to support Bobi Wine but not ready to go on the streets to fight police or incite violence. He will support him in how own way as an independent man who can think for himself.

"I will not go to streets to fight police. I will use my art to express my expression through songs. I will not incite violence into my fans. Allow me to be an artist. Am independent and I don't belong to any political party." Eddy Kenzo said

He further said that he can not fail to support Bobi Wine since he (Bobi Wine) played a crucial role in his successful music career.

"....and it was led by Bobi Wine who supported me in my music Journey. I can't refuse to be there for him when he needs me but u won't di everything he tells me." the 'tweyagale' singer added.

Bobi wine recently launched the political wing of the People Power movement (National Unity Platform)and membership cards were launched yesterday.

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