Hellen Lukoma Finally Reconciles With Leila Kayondo.

Once best friends and inseparables Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo have finally re united after years of separation over issues concerning money, men and envy.

Taking to social media, Lukoma penned down a condolence message to Leilah Kayondo after losing her Father weeks ago.

"Today I celebrate a strong woman, Leila. This world has got nothing on us. With everything going on, trust me God is in control,” Lukoma wrote.

This gesture was appreciated by many following their years of not seeing eye to eye.

Over three years back, Hellen Lukoma and Leila were always on the celebrity best friend list.

Everyone in the city knew about their friemdship because they always hang out together.

The two were inseparable to a point that SK Mbuga at the time he was dating Leila, told her to choose between him or Hellen.

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