• Khinamura

Herbert Shonga, Sasha Brighton Mark Two Years Of Love As Dorothy Shonga Rots Behind Bars. 

Having kicked Dorothy Shonga out of his love life, famed socialite, Herbert Shonga kicked off his love story with Sasha Brighton and the two are now celebrating two years together.

It is reported that Sasha Brighton and Herbert started dating in 2018 and their relationship has thrived amid ups and downs including Sasha losing her twins to the jaws of death.

Sasha lamented on social media how the tragic loss treated her badly beyond words. She even posted while memorizing the loss.

"The day I lost my twins,Oh God .." Sasha mourned.

Only days after this however, the two scientifically celebrated their love story as Herbert had to flee to Malawi to console his children from Dorothy Shonga that all will be fine.

In other news though, Herbert's baby mama, Dorothy Shonga alias Cash Madam is rotting behind prison bars after her bail application was raped and ignored. She awaits trial for money laundering and gross fraud.

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