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High Court Saves Brother Ronnie’s ETM Church From Eviction By Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga.

The bitter feud between born again pastors, Brother Ronnie Makabai and Jackson Ssenyonga over the issue of land and miracles had started getting ugly as Jackson Ssenyonga nearly evicted Brother Roomie.

The two Men of God started feuding when Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Ministries accused the ETM church boss of being one of the false prophets and using demonic powers to do miracles.

Jackson went ahead to claim the land on which ETM Church sits by attempting to buy it from the real owners without the consent of the ETM boss.

Brother Ronnie however sought high court intervention, challenging the manner in which the land was sold allegedly to Jackson to which the high court, Kampala Division obliged.

Bro. Ronnie has sought a court interim order halting Jackson Ssenyonga from evicting him until his case against Jackson which challenges the fraudulent manner in which he got the land is finished.

The two have for a long time been locking horns over various issues including ministry and land. The land on which the two are fighting over is located in Salaama.

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