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Homesick Eddy Kenzo Cries Out Again.

Stuck I'm Ivory Coast ever since the lockdown in Uganda kicked off, musician Edrisah Musuza has cried out once again on how he really misses home.

Eddy Kenzo

Having earlier expressed his longing to return to Uganda, desiring to see his daughter, Aamal Musuza before he dies, the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rebecca Kadaga implored the foreign affairs ministry to assist Eddy Kenzo in his endeavours to return to the Pearl of Africa. However, nothing has been done , forcing the 'tweyagale' hit maker to pen down yet another heart touching post.  He expressed his thoughts in Luganda that there must be a reason behind his sticking In Ivory Coast.  He said he misses his country as bad as his daughter and would do anything to come back. He appealed to his fellow home sick Ugandans to remain strong and stay safe as all things will come to an end. Below is his lamentation. Amazima gali nti I miss home era njagala komawo, Naye waliwo ensonga lwaki nkyaali eno! Nze nkimanyi  mukama tagera kibi osanga ayina byamponya. Kangira mbera eno,mpaka mukama lwalisalawo nti nkomewo.  To all my fellow Ugandans abayita mumbera nga eyange nsaba tugume let's fucus on our mental health. Ensi ewangulwa mulamu afudde tatesa. Era teli Hero mulamu, so let's fight this mental health battle guys Era twekume banange nga wadde embera yakusomozebwa I believe teli mbera yaluberera and everything will be fine one day. Let's keep strong my people. Oba mwaka oba myezi  I will be back home stronger than ever 

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