"I Always Shop From U.S.A But Never Kampala." Angella Katatumba Boasts.

Musician Angella Katatumba has boasted of being a regular shopper. She however revealed that her shopping is always done abroad.

The 'Love me' singer said that she never did her shopping from Kampala. Instead it is always in countries like America, Dubai , Canada, Turkey, Mexico which are her favourites.

She was however quick to add that although she prefers abroad shopping, it is not her intention to diss Ugandan stores but it is what she is used to.

"I have never done shopping in Kampala. It's always U.S.A, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and Dubai is my favorite. It's not that I am dissing Ugandan stores but it's just what am used to." she was quoted as having said.

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