• Khinamura

"I Am Almost Dying",  Broke Big Eye Cries Out To President Museveni. 

NRM die fanatic musician, Big Eye Starboss has begged the President to bail him out of the enormous debts that are currently raping his peace.

The musician claims he purchased a house worth 600million but paid only 60 million. He has also sold off his car to clear part of his debts.

He further laments how he has not paid rent for six months where he is currently staying, something that has threatened to disturb his peace.

"“I had a house I had bought at UGX 600M … I had paid 60m partly, however, Just like a hustler because I have a family… In addition, I sold off my car because I wanted to reduce the debt… According to the agreement, if I don’t clear the debt in the agreed period, I will lose the money I had paid at first. In addition, even where I am staying, I have taken six months without paying rent. I am almost dying because of this heavy debt, " Big Eye said.

He therefore begged President Museveni, whose ruling party he has been faithfully supporting to help him sort his debt issues.

"Therefore I cry out to President Museveni to run to my rescue because I am about to die because of depression." he said.

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