I Am Going To Sleep With Your Wife, Give Me Back My YouTube Channel- Aganaga tells Salvado.

There is an ongoing social media war between musician Khalifa Aganaga and comedian Patrick Salvador again.

This is bloody! Khalifa is threatening to pay himself back in kind with Salvador’s wife if he doesn’t hand over back the singer’s YouTube account. Khalifa claims that Salvador used his comic ways to steal and take over his account.

According to phone screenshots we have landed on, Khalifa is crying out to the comedian to hand over back his YouTube account or else he calls his wife and reclaim in it himself.

Khalifa goes ahead to say that the YouTube account is all he has in life. His life and family depends on it. So Salvador should be heartful enough and he hands over the channel rights back to him.

Salvador explains that Khalifa for a long time has accused him of stealing his You Tube channel for reasons only know to the singer.

Salvador denies the allegations and says he is not even active on YouTube he just helped the singer recover the account last month when it was hacked and stolen through the handlers.

But in the process, Khalifa mixed up things and included Salvador’s name among the thugs. From that point Salvador decided to take a chill and told off the singer to first pay the handlers in order to have the account back.

Read screenshot below

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