"I Am Happy For You Dad", Sheilah Gashumba Congratulates Her Dad For Finding A Girlfriend.

Socialite and daughter to Political activist and Business man Frank Gashumba has penned down congratulatory message to her Dad over getting a good girlfriend whose identity is not known yet. Frank Gashumba received beautiful flowers on Valentines day 14th February 2020. He was so over the moon and shared a video on his social media platforms, this proved that he has someone special who is yet to be Sheilah's step mother.

After the socialite watched the video, she quickly took to her social media and shared best wishes to her Dad and also applauded them to get married.

"Olalala!! Whoever did this for my dad needs a gift from me and I need to meet you because if you break his heart, we won’t be on good terms. What a beautiful surprise and I know how much you love flowers. Now when is the wedding, I’m happy for you dad!! Such a thoughtful girlfriend".

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