• Khinamura

'I Am Pregnant, ' Bad Black Confesses.

Shanitah Namuyimba well known as Bad Black has revealed that she is in the early stages of pregnancy.

While making a dramatic appearance on Snapchat in a mesmerizing picture, the 'masolo queen: expressed joy and more than enthusiasm at the prospect of being a mother soon.

'Olubuto lutandisse okuvayo..." Bad Black's Snapchat post read in part.

Translation: My stomach is coming out.

The thirty year old, who already has some kids to show refused to divulged any further details. However, analysts claim she could be less than two months preggers.

It should be noted that Bad Black settled with her boyfriend, Asha who she is currently playing 'mummy and daddy's at night and no doubt the baby belongs to him.

However, fans are stuck between believing Bad Black or dismissing hr claims as one of her usual serious jokes. Many however hope she joins a long list of celebrities who have given birth in 2020, the year of Corona.

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