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I Am Ready To Meet Her Parents - Ykee Benda On Sheilah Nduhukire.

Musician Ykee Benda has yet again poured out his heart to NBS Life at 9/news anchor, Sheilah Nduhukire.

Ykee Benda and Sheilah Nduhukire

Speaking in an interview on NBS Uncut, Ykee revealed how he is having sleepless nights over Sheilah. "I have watched her on TV for some time. I am single myself and I am sure she is the kind of person I want. I need to meet her parents and lay my intentions bare.' he said.

He also revealed that he has told her of how she melts his legs and confirmed that they can do it. Sheilah Nduhukire however is silent on the issue. This has made A Pass advise Benda to leave the gorgeous presenter and hunt else where.

Ykee first revealed his feelings for the beauty in April this year when he was wishing her a beautiful birthday.

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