"I Am The First Singer With A True Kiganda Nose," Chosen Becky finally Talks About Her Nose.

Musician Rebecca Kukiriza alias Chosen Becky has  finally come out to talk about her kiganda nose.

This came after many years of her fans mocking her over having a big nose. Some social media fans have went to an extent of calling her  unpleasant names just because of the shape of her nose.

Recently, the singer decided to openly talk about her gift from God. She said she chooses to give the hurtful comments a deaf ear. She has come to accept who she is, and no one is going to change how great she feels about herself.

“I was the first female singer with a true kiganda nose. And that makes me proud. Most ladies who are in the spotlight have small western noses. People were just accustomed to that. But here I am,” smiling  Becky said.

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