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I Am The Only Celebrity In Uganda - Bad Black.

Updated: Aug 25

Popular sex vendor Shanitah Namuyimba very famously known as Bad Black has boasted of being the only true definition of a celebrity in Uganda.

While discussing a sensitive topic about celebrities in Uganda on NBS TV, Shanitah trashed the views that musicians are the only celebrities in Uganda. She asserted that someone who gets naked and goes to a public place to bathe from there, she immediately becomes a celebrity. Shanitah went on to say that she believes she is a true description of the term 'celebrity' having made her 'debut' in 2009. She has since then become a hot topic throughout Ugandan news, social media and gossip.

"I believe I am the right description of a celebrity. I came in the limelight in 2009 and I became a hot topic. But Ugandans always destroy the culture. Even if you undressed and bathed at the taxi park, they would regard you a celebrity." she claimed. Bad Black even went as far as hinting that she was better than most musicians and artistes in Uganda when it comes to defining the 'true Celebrity' According to the online Urban Dictionary though, a celebrity is a person who gets alot of public attention especially from the entertainment or sports arena. Do you agree that Bad Black a 'true Celebrity' as she claims?

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