I Am Tired Of Showbiz, I Want To Retire Very Soon, MC KATS.

Renown MC and television personality Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats is yet to retire from showbiz and venture in to farming. During an interview with spark tv, the MC said that he has worked in the Showbiz world for more than 15 years therefore he wants to retire and practice farming. He added that he is tired of people taking advantage of him and also helping those who do not appreciate him, he said that he will go far away from Kampala where no one will ever see him on television again. "Am tired of showbiz and everything related to music, I will go far away and practice farming, you help people but they don't appreciate, I want to retire so badly but let me first strategize, if my kids can go to school, then I will have to go and rest in either Masks or Luwero but far away from Kampala, I will be no where on television. People think they can use me but am not stupid so I am going to humbly ask you that you let me resign, " frustrated Kats said.

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