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I Became A Threat To Rema And Hamza But I Don't Know Why, Eddy Kenzo.

Musician Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has said that he became an enemy to both Rema and her new husband but has no idea why.

Speaking in an interview with spark television, frustrated Kenzo said that ever since Rema got married, communication between them was cut yet he does not even get to see their child ' Aamal'.

He went ahead and advised Dr. Sebunya Hamza to talk to his wife 'Rema' to let his child 'Aamal' see her family because her siblings really miss her and demand to see her.

" Ever since Rema got married, communication between us was cut, am not a threat to her and her husband because I accepted that I was a way to her destination. I don't see my child but I believe that these two are mature enough to know that she is my child, I might have wronged them but my child is innocent, " he said.

However, when asked whether he is thinking about dragging Rena and Hamza to court because of denying him the right to see his child 'Aamal', he replied,

" I don't plan on anything like that because I have never been involved in anything criminal or even been to court so I don't think I will drag them to court, however, I think that they are mature enough to know that she is my child. "

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