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I Can Only Date Daddy Andre - Angella Katatumba.

Musician  and producer, Daddy Andre may be one of those in the industry that are envied by many as Angels Katatumba, a fellow musician revealed how he is the only musician she can date per now.

In an exclusive interview, the singer said that she has not moved on as far as her feelings for the producer were concerned.

She revealed that she can not just love anyone simply because she works with him. She cited the example of Bebe Cool with whom she worked with, but never developed feelings for.

Angella and Daddy Andre

Daddy Andre, to her is special since he is loving and caring and she feels there is something they have in common.

"It's not that i love every man in the industry, I can still go on with Daddy Andre because of his endless love. I have worked with Bebe Cool but we didn't date. Me and Daddy Andre have something in common," she said.

It should be noted that Angella broke up with the producer after he declined to take HIV test.

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