'I Can't Date A Broke Man, ' Lydia Jazmine Shuns Broke Men.

Bummy song queen, Lydia Jazmine has announced how money is of utmost importance if a sustainable relationship is to be realized with her and she therefore can't date a broke man.

While discussing the issue of money and it's vitality in romantic relationships and marriage with radio personality, Prim Asiimwe, Jazmine revealed that basing on her own experience, a good relationship can not in anyway be run without money.

"My view is out of my personal experience, I cannot be in a broke relationship because the truth is money is very important in a relationship and a good relationship cannot run without money,” said the gorgeous 'Drum' hit maker.

The close friend to Fill Fameika dismissed claims that she is the only one with the view that money is an indispensable necessity in a relationship. She claimed to have met women who holds the same view.

“Even if ladies work, they still expect men to bring money in the marriage. Money influences a number of things in any relationship and that’s a fact,”she added.

Lydia has been smart enough to hide almost her relationships she has had. Rumours however are till going around Ugandan airwaves that she is secretly seeing fellow musician, Fik Fameika although she insists he is 'her best friend.'

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