• Khinamura

"I Don't Care What You Say." Sheila Saltofte's Boyfriend Boos Haters.

NBS Katchup presenter,Sheila Saltofte's boyfriend has attacked whoever is against his relationship with the talented dancer to 'fuck off.'

Identified only as Maxxi, Sheilah's sweetbeart revealed that a section of Ugandans had come out claiming that he and Sheilah were drifting apart due to unknown reasons.

In a missive posted on his social media, Maxxi revealed that he and Sheilah have had a fair share of their ups and downs but that doesn't mean they are drifting apart. Above all he doesn't care about what people say

"We’ve had our ups and downs, and everybody has an opinion about me and her being together! Just letting y’all know I don’t really care, I love what we have, this girl is my bestie, and she has the best kiss. Sheila Saltofte lucky me eh!" Maxxi posted.

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