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"I Don’t Entertain Foolery" - Top TV’s Joan Lule Attacks Miss Uganda Again.

Top TV no nonsense presenter Joan Lule has again hit back at Miss Uganda Olivier Nakakande,

while appearing on NBS TV’s uncut show, Joan clearly stated that she doesn’t entertain any foolery at any time in her career as a journalist.

She was responding to a question why she openly embarrassed the beauty queen while hosting her weekly show on Top TV. She said she was misinterpreted on the way she asked the queen beauty.

Joan added that she issued an apology to the Miss Uganda fan. However she kept on receiving insulting messages.

"I apologized for humiliating Oliver Nakakande (Miss Uganda) on live TV. However, Lule the public misinterpreted the situation. I didn’t mean to offend her. she said.


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