I Had Committed My Self To Loving Tanasha But We Decided To Give Each Other Space, Diamond Platinumz

Diamond Platinumz has revealed that him and Tanasha Donna's breakup was purely on grounds of failing to come to an understanding of preparation of their future with their son Naseeb Junior.

Diamond Platnumz’ and Tanasha Donna’ one-year old relationship came to an abrupt end, with some social media platforms speculating that the latter might have found evidence of the former’s infidelity.

However, during an interview with Wasafi's Goodmorning Program on Monday, Diamond said that he had decided to settle down with Tanasha and leave his childish behavior in the past.

“She never caught me red handed…Seriously, it was during the time that I was with Tanasha that I decided to do away with all my past childish behavior and dedicated my time to her,” he told program hosts.

He added that he wanted to marry her because he loved her personality but just because they failed to get a solution on how to settle their differences, theydecided to give each other space.

“I seriously wanted to marry Tanasha at 100 per cent or even one million per cent and that was why if someone spoke bad of her, I would simply post her picture as a clear message of how I love and respect her,” he said. He said that they separated due to reasons that were beyond their ability.

“We simply decided to give each other space or maybe, each of us, must take own route…We differed on how to prepare for our future. We did not arrive at an amicable decision on this subject. She wanted this and I wanted that so I said maybe each of us wants time to reflect on the right path for us to take. Maybe, it was God’s plan but maybe we may come back and be together,” he said.

However, Tanasha has not spoken about the reasons for the breakup.

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