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'I Have Been Doing It All On My Own,' Tanasha Donna On Raising Her Child With Diamond Platinumz.

Kenya's Musician Tanasha Donna has revealed that her ex lover, Tanzania's Diamond Platinumz has not been supporting his child.

The singer, who split with Diamond in march this year has a child with the Tanzanian singer. She however says that the father of the child doesn't support her in her efforts of raising the child.

Tanasha pregnant with Diamond's baby

In an interview with Jalang'o, the sensational musician said she has been coping well and does not need Diamond's assistance in raising her child.

"I have been doing it all on my own to be honest, I will be 100% honest with you. I’m very real and I’m not gonna say something that is not the case, with all the respect I have for him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. He is not supporting and I’m doing it on my own and I don’t need his support to be honest. I’m raising my son just fine, there is nothing that boy lacks in his life. He is fine." Tanasha said.
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