" I Have Learnt To Fall In Love With It" Lydia Jazmine Defends Her Irritating Gap In her Teeth.

Music songstress Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka reveals that she has learnt to fall in love with one of her biggest flaws as she keeps getting obsessed with the gap in her side teeth.

Contrary to cheap talk that she lost her molars for her love of sweet things, Lydia Jazmine reveals that the gap in the left side of her upper dental formula started out when she was still a young kid.

The 27-year-old diva claims that the gap was initially small but kept enlarging as she grew up. Today, it is an unavoidable sight each time she talks or smiles.

For a woman that possesses a curvaceous and flawless body, critics always pick on the gap and she seems to know it. She has however embraced it with the help of her friend Daphnee Ashaba who is obsessed with it.

"Fun Fact; I was born with a small gap in my side teeth, the older I grow, the wider it gets. Matter of fact, I didn’t like it then, I think I do now because of one crazy being called Daphnee Ashaba who’s obsessed with it lol," SHE SHARED.

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