I Have Never Cheated On Canary, People Spreading These Rumors Are Just Jealous, Sasha Fergason.

For the first time ever since the breaking up rumors hit Kampala streets, Sasha Ferguson the girlfriend to NBS TV star Canary Mugume has come out to speak to the nation about her current relationship with the TV star.

In an exclusive live interview with this website, Sasha clearly states that she has never broken up with Canary contrary to the rumors recently .

The rumors were false. I talk to him every day”.

Sasha on video call with Canary.

Sasha went ahead to detail us why she actually had to fly out of the country and cool off. She says it was a simple visit.

I traveled to Berlin to visit my best friend” she said.

She however refused to detail us more about her friend that lives in Berlin right now. But she added that she was preparing to get back to Kampala few days before the President announced a lock down of the nation and closed the airport.

About who sponsored her Berlin trip, Sasha says that it was her own money that she used to pay for her trip.

I used my own money to pay for all my travel expenses but right now Canary is paying for my expenses for these extra days,” she said.

When we pressed her to the wall to explain why rumors are still spreading that she cheats on Canary with rich guys, Sasha maintained that she has no time for the Kampala horny men who are always hitting on her.

Canary is man enough.  We both work but he takes very good care of me. I have no time to pay attention to men always hitting on me. No one has ever produced evidence that I cheat on him. People are just jealous of us” She said.

Sasha concluded and said that she doesn’t control Canary. She lets him live his life.

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