'I Have No Grudge On Tanasha,' Zari Hassan Reveals.

'She is so innocent.'  Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite based in South Africa has opened up about  Kenyan musician, Tanasha Donna's dating her ex, Diamond Platinumz.

Zari, who at one time dated and even married to the Tanzanian star said that Tanasha is innocent and she has no beef with her at all.

She said that Tanasha met Diamond when he was single and  that is why she is at peace with her.

Although Tanasha Donna recently broke up with Diamond over unfaithfulness, speculators have hinted at a possible war between the two ex Diamond wives, something that Zari dismissed.

"I have no grudge on Tanasha,  she's so innocent because she came right after me,  she met Diamond when he was single so I have no problem with her, "  she said.

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