'I Know Who Will Win 2021 General Elections" Says Prophet Mbonye.

Zoe ministries president, Prophet Elvis Mbonye has said that he knows who will win the 2021 General elections since he is God's representative.

The 'Man Of God' while speaking in a video broadcast said that he has been to heaven several times and Satan is not an issue to him.

"Yes it is a lifestyle. I have gone to heaven on one occasion. No! I am not getting people to believe me. It's okay for them not to believe." he said.

Due to these many trips to heaven, the prophet said that he knows whoever will win the elections only that it is not the ight time for him to tell the 'secret'

“I am representing God and whatever he tells me to tell I will tell. There are many things I don’t tell; several things I know about people I do not tell them. About the upcoming elections I know certain things and I know what is going to happen, but I have not told anyone,” Mbonye said.

Earlier,the same prophet said that God is not with any of the candidates that are contesting for the country's too job.

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