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I Like It Raw' Pastor Martin Sempa Shocks His 'Flock'. 

Re known city Pastor, Martin Sempa has dazed his followers when he revealed that using contraceptives, especially condoms is not his thing as he enjoys the art of 'Baby Making' without artificial hindrances like condoms.

While expressing his views on the controversial topic of sex on a Twitter hashtag #SafeSex, the Makerere Community Church senior pastor said he does not like using condoms with his wife as they tend to limit 80% of the joy and enjoyment involved during sex.

He then went on to implore his audience to enioy sex as it were intended by God as this will not only make them enjoy, but also honour God's design for the bedroom practise.

"They remove about 80% of the natural taste of sex. They remove sex from the free spirit spontaneous combustion. Condoms deter the exchange of happy hormones. Let’s enjoy sex as God intended it” the former member of the Anti Pornography Committee said

Doctors however strongly recommend the use of condoms to ward of Sexually Transmitted infections such as AIDS that have claimed atleast 20% of Uganda's populace in the last ten years.

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