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'I Married Him Against My Father's Will', Ronald Mayinja's Wife Narrates.

Celebrated music legend, Ronald Mayinja apart from being good in music, must have been even better in matters of love and marriage. His wife, Aisha Mayinja has opened up on her love story with the musician, which was a hustle.

Aisha revealed that she was so in love with Ronald Mayinja that she braved several odds and threats including her own father disowning her for marrying a musician.

According to her father, the musicians are HIV/AIDS carriers who must be avoided like the plague including Ronald Mayinja. She narrated how musicians by those times were dying of HIv. Her fathr also feared her daughter would catch the incurable disease and die of it.

However, she took courage and chose to pursue love over fear and marry the music star and she reveals she has been happy since. She also boasts how she never died of the HIV virus or caught it but her sisters did and were buried due to the disease.

"My father disowned me when he heard that I had got married to Ronald Mayinja , besides being  non Muslim,  Mayinja was  a musician and my father thought I was going to die of HIV because HIV/AIDS was killing musicians terribly by then , but for me, i didn't mind because I was loving my man and he was loving me too I said if I was to die of HIV/AIDS any other person who is not even a musician could infect me and I die , so I didn't leave my husband  , and besides that we had even buried some  of my sisters who died of HIV/AIDS and they weren't married to musicians." Aisha boasted.

She had to overcome the negative stigma society had on musicians and the dictations of religion to marry her sweetheart. They have been in their relationship for over ten years now.

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