"I Miss Desire Luzinda Deeply" - Ziwa.

Celebrity hairstylist Kennedy Ziwa, of Hair By Zziwa Studio, has had stints at Butabika Mental Referral hospital where he was admitted over drug abuse last year.

The hairstylist has been fodder for tabloids because of his booze and drug problems in the past.

But the latest saga is not about him checking into a rehabilitation center. Ziwa has come out to declare how he is badly tormented due to his undying love for musician Desire Luzinda.

In a new social media post, Ziwa confessed that his days are not the same anymore without Desire Luzinda in his life.

Ziwa said that he misses the singer and that he is itching to fly to the USA and meet her. Previously, the two were romantically linked.

They however denied the affair, maintaining that they are just best friends but just when the rumors were dying out, Ziwa has added fuel to a dying fire.

Luzinda relocated to America two years ago and it is the reason Ziwa is reminiscing about their previous affair.

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