"I Miss You "Big Eye Cries Over Breaking Up With Don Zella.

It has been a while now ever since Musician Big eye split with socialite Don Zella but now to our shock, it seems he is missing his baby mama after making a post on his social media grieving over breaking up with Don Zella.

In his post, he narrates how he gave his mother a call and told her that he is getting married in 2017 and she was so excited but today it hurts him to go back to his mother, only to tell her that he got a divorce.

"I remember the day in 2017 I called mama on the telephone, I told her mama I'm getting married. Icould hear her voice on the other side of the telephone she was smiling, and she asked me a question that I proudly answered She said son, did you take time to know her? "I said mama she's the best" But today it hurts me so. To go back to mama and say mama I'm getting divorced. This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would. It hurts me so mama. "Mama said to me"It's not easy to understand it sonBut I hope you'll make it, you'll be happy again.

These two bitterly split a few years ago after Don zella claimed that Bug eye wanted to take her life, until now, they don't see eye to eye.

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