"I Regret The Day I Met Grace Khan", Kojja Kitonsa.

Renown herbalist and manager Kojja Kitonsa has revealed shocking details of how singer Grace Khan disrespected his wife, he says that he regrets having invested his money in to her career. Speaking in a watsapp voice note that leaked yesterday, Kojja Kitonsa said that his relationship with the 'njakufa naye' singer' was not serious therefore he has never affirmed that they were officially together. He angrily said that the singer disappointed him when she told journalists that they were romantically involved which caused unease between him and his official wife.

"Grace Khan was just my side snack because I have a wife but I was disappointed when she came out and revealed to the media that we were romantically involved yet she knew that I was married, however much I was having misunderstandings with my wife, she had no right to disrespect her in camera," he said. The herbalist further said that Grace accused him of having stolen 3million ugshs from her and there after teamed up with his brother known as 'Kutesa' to drag him to the courts of law. "Grace Khan is going around lying to people that I stole 3million ugshs, she has teamed up with her stupid brother ''Kutesa' so that they drag me to criminal court of law for theft. I won't ever again make such a stupid mistake in my life, I regret everything I did for that woman and the money I invested in her career, " he added. It should be noted that Kojja Kitonsa and Grace Khan have always been lovey Davy and always threw their romance in to camera but later broke up and now Kojja Kitonsa is with his wife known as 'Senga Namatovu'.

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