I Spent 100M In Dorothy Shonga’s Plastic Body, Herbert Shonga Exposes. 

A few days back, city celebrity couple Herbert and Dorothy Shonga were officially granted divorce after years of having endless marital fights. The couple tied the knot in 2016. Shortly after the couple were granted bail, Hebert Shonga has come out and revealed how he injected over USD$25,000 in Dorothy Shonga to have a plastic surgery in South Africa. Shonga exposed Dorothy’s plastic surgery transformation and distanced himself from accusations of failing to look after his children. He maintained that those were just statements that Dorothy made in order to seek media attention and public sympathy. Speaking to journalists, Hebert was quoted saying “All the accusations that Dorothy made about me of failing to provide and pay school fees for my children are false. She is just an attention seeker and a person who loves to get sympathy from the public that’s why she had to tell the nation all that crap”. He went on to say that school fees is something that he can't fail to pay if he could manage to raise shs100m for a surgery. “By the way, school fees is so small and for your information, I injected UGX 100m in her body to perform a plastic surgery in South Africa. So I can’t fail to pay just $500 for school fees, " he said.

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